Lutherie made a little easier

Interested in lutherie? It certainly takes a special breed of woodworker to produce musical instruments. The precision, the finish, and the end result is a constantly used tool, not something decorative on a shelf.

The latest edition to the CutSetter range is a pair of fretboard gauges. These are used by instrument makers/repairers to check the curvature across a fretboard. As well as being used when making a guitar, they can be used to find the radius of an existing fretboard. They are the first in a range of instrument measuring tools CutSetter are going to introduce.

Speaking of which, the CutSetter now has a “Professional” in metric or inch units, and a “Compact” in metric or inch units. The Compact has a size range suited for router table setup, and doesn’t have any angle markings.

The photo is taken in low light and as a bit of a test for the camera on the iPhone 4 🙂

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  1. […] came out of a need in a moulding manufacturing shop, and as discussed on here previously (here, and here) has been developed into a commercial product.  Recently, GizmoWiz (who make the CutSetter) have […]

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