Tubes, Tubes and More Tubes

This is still a continuation of the implementation of the dust system – yeah, not the most interesting thing to continue with (although I am enjoying the progress), but it is what I am currently working on after all.

Wishful Thinking?

I’ve decided to try the tie the jointer into the system after all- not confident that it will work, but I have a plan ūüėČ ¬†I still have a portable dust collector, a small 1HP one designed to couple up to individual machines – not what I want to do, but it will be an interesting blower, or inline booster. ¬†At the moment the jointer is coupled directly into the vertical trunking, but what I am thinking is adding a Y section , with one side connected to the outlet from the blower, giving a significant boost to the airflow through the trunking when required. ¬† ¬†At least it might be one way of getting the dust from this far into the shed to the dusty at the other end (and out).

The T section here is to lead to the lathe, and provide some collection from there.


The trunking goes over the doorway (and this is all the clear stuff from the latest pack) Рgoes together very easily.  One kit sounds like quite a lot, but more would be rather useful.  At least it is compatible with existing fittings.

Angles and Dangles

Bringing the dust up from the bandsaw, through a blast gate (attached with another Rockler mount) and off to the rest of the new system.  This is going to head straight over the shed to the system on the opposite wall (from the tablesaw).

Dusting off the Bandsaw

Back of the bandsaw – this is the 17″ Carbatec, and it is interesting in that it has dual 4″ outlets. ¬†One from the bottom of the cabinet – where the dust finally falls, and a second from under the table, near to where the dust is generated.

I’ve opted for the flex hose for the bandsaw so the machine can be moved a bit (and if really necessary I can always put in another flexible section).

The shed is rather chaotic at the moment Рrunning systems like this makes a real mess.  Looking forward to getting this job finished, and once again restoring some sanity out there.

4 Responses

  1. Lookin’ good. A quick suggestion – for some of your T-s – like the drop to the bandsaw – if you can, T-off the trunk horizontally, then elbow down. That helps to prevent dust coming from machines further down the line (jointer in this case) from falling down the T as it passes across.

    Lookin’ good tho! Wish I had a great system like this.

    • A very good point – wish I’d thought of that before getting the design together! Now I have to decide between putting up with the existing layout (and dealing with the inevitable problem) or rejigging the layout now. Rats!

  2. Great progress Stu, and interesting reading. What dusty are you using? I’m guessing since its in another shed and you have all this length of ducting its at least a 2HP?

    I’ve only got a 1HP at this stage so doubt its upto this challenge, but interested to see how a 2HP would go.


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