The Cookie Monster

Those who have been following this blog would have seen and heard about the Rockler Bench Cookies, but in Australia getting hold of them required purchasing from the USA.

I even tried to get Rockler to consider me making them available but that didn’t come to anything either.

So it looks like Australian woodworkers will just have to do without……or will they?

Rockler have been making the Bench Cookies in other colours, and with other brandings, including Bench Dog, and it so happens that Professional Woodworkers Supplies can now provide Bench Cookies under the Bench Dog brand – $27.50 inc GST.

Bench Cookies

So if you were ever wanting THE item from the last AFWS in Las Vegas, they are now here and available!

Click here for my previous Bench Cookie article, and here is a quick video I shot about them on what sounds like a very rainy night, back almost exactly 12 months ago:

One Response

  1. Three weeks ago I saw cookies sold at Mitre 10 near Ocean Grove at around the $30 mark. On the package it said made in China. I cant remember what they called it but compared to American prices I thought the price quite steep. As to comparison with Rocklers I don’t know.

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