Tung Oil Data Sheets

If choosing a finish, and you see “Tung Oil” somewhere in the description, as in a Tung Oil finish, or Tung Oil type finish etc, just check the product contents.  Some have 0% actual Tung Oil (surprise, surprise), whereas others can be up around 98% – 100% pure Tung Oil.

Organoil sent me the following data sheets , so decided to post them here.  Includes a flow-chart for Tung Oil production.

Download Tung Oil Data Sheet pdf

Download Citrus Terpene Data Sheet pdf

Download Tung Oil production pdf

3 Responses

  1. Do you know how much tung oil they put in their hard burnishing oil? Or what the other secret ingredients are?

    • Quite coincidentally I spoke with the Victorian rep just the other day and asked that very question.

      The answer was that it was primarily pure Tung Oil mixed with Citrus Terpene, some lemon scent (for some reason(?)), and some driers.

      So it is pretty much exactly the same as using pure Tung Oil, except you don’t need to thin it down yourself with Terpene. My collection of Hard Burnishing oil and Triton oil (which is rebadged Organoil Hard Burnishing) will get a lot more use now I know that.

      Triton Wood Oil is more for indoor applications apparently, so I suspect it has more turpene in it than Hard Burnishing Oil.

      I used to use it for the first layer or two, then finish over the top with Ubeaut Traditional Wax. I might in future try a few more layers, and instead of burnishing it (using a ROS), simply wipe on, wait to dry, wipe off, wipe on, rinse and repeat.

      • Thanks stu.
        The other question I’ve been pondering with hard burnishing oil is the effect of a shellac sealer. I normally use a thin 1lb shellac (made from ubeaut flakes) prior to the final grit. Someone of the forums commented though that this would inhibit the burnishing effect of the oil.
        My feeling is it’s all smoke and mirrors.

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