The Good Oil

Another night, or more correctly, another 24 hours, and another layer of oil onto the project.

This layer went on the same as the first, without needing any particular finesse, letting the wood suck up what it needs.  It was already noticeable the decrease in amount needed, as would be expected.  One more layer then the first sanding.  No point rushing these things.

On an side note, I have been wearing gloves while applying the oil/turpene mix, and even tonight wearing 2 pairs of non-latex, plastic food gloves (they are too sloppy to be any good in the kitchen) I found my fingertips damp by the end.  I suspect the turpene does a pretty good job of eating the gloves while I polish!

Apologies RSS Subscribers…

if I have been creating havoc with your readers today (and if not, please ignore!!)

I am experimenting with the best method of supplying both standard and high definition videos, and still have the correct formats available to iTunes for iPhones/iPods etc.

I am thinking of creating a second iTunes podcast, specifically for high definition versions, but need to do some of this experimenting before jumping down that route.

I’m not looking at providing all these as formats, but the ones easily available are:

Recently I have been providing 640×360, which does work on the iPhone despite what the graph here shows.

So as they say in Chadstone, “Please excuse me while I change in front of you”

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