A higher resolution

No – not an article about Incra, but a quick note about videos. ┬áThe latest video has been offered in an additional resolution: 960 x 540.

It isn’t standard definition, it isn’t high definition, but somewhere in between to maximise compatibility. ┬áThis format works for Apple TV, Computer, TV and Hi Def TV.

The lower res mp4 (640×360) is for iPods, iPhones and other video mp4 players.

You may also have noticed a change in the proportions – now instead of 640×480 – the standard resolution format, the 480 has become 360 (and equivalent for higher res) – because we are now wide screen.

I haven’t heard any complains so far, but if you have noticed anything untoward, please let me know.

Episode 61 Talking Sign Writing

Episode 61 Talking Sign Writing

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