Working with Wood Show, Adelaide

Starting tomorrow – a show I still haven’t gotten to yet – one day perhaps.

For those that can get there, check out:

Neil Scobie: fine furniture
Liz Scobie: artist
Stan Ceglinski: his reputation should proceed him!
Patt Gregory: woodworking for women
Tim Skilton: turning specialist
Neil Ellis: finishing specialist (and is Mr Ubeaut!)
Guilio Marcolongo: wood turner
David Foster: restoration
Theo Haralampou: wood turner
Kerry Neill: didgeridoos

And don’t forget the orthotics – no workshop can be complete without them – they must be critical given they are at every woodworking show. I am so disappointed my shed must be incomplete not having any.  Not sure what they do to wood, but it must be impressive!  As with iHealth Saunas (at least they are made from wood), hitchmaster, and nibblers.  This is a wood show and cutting metal is important?  A tool type you can buy in Bunnings even.

Along with all the other displays and sales etc that go along with a woodworking show.

If you have wanted to see the Flai Mustang in action (the cut-everything blade I’ve featured on this site a couple of times already), check out Jim and Irene Carroll’s stand (Carroll’s Woodcraft Supplies) who seem to be at every wood show there is (they either love driving, or have impressive air miles!!) Josh from Promac will be there showing off this impressive blade.  He will also be demonstrating the quality Flai router bits – I have some here to put through their paces but have not found a 5 second window as yet to do so! Also, if you have been interested in my recent pen turning posts, many of my pen kits come from Jim, and don’t forget keeping tools sharp with the Tormek which Jim & Irene stock.

Torque Workcentres are there as well, and there are some new developments coming soon (that may even be at the show, at least some, more will be revealed here!)

So once again, a wood show where you get a chance to get up close and personal with some of the woodworking and tool making personalities and companies in Australia.  Disappointed to miss out, but there are many more shows to go!  For those who do get there: enjoy!  And say hi to Jim, Larry, Irene, Neil, Stan and all the others for me!

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