Revitalise Shed Dust Extraction

I’ve been looking again at the shed dust extraction system with a view to refine and revitalise it – as recently discussed I have again moved the dust extractor into the lower shed for a number of reasons, so it is a good time to reassess things. My main issue is wanting to remote-start the extractor, and just supplying and cutting power does not achieve that for the unit I have.

One thing I have been considering is getting the whole ducting off the ground, possibly up at waist or head-height – better access to the blast gates, stops the system getting buried under typical shed detritus. I recently purchased these blast-gate mounts from Rockler

Blast Gate Mount

So it was rather coincidental when I went into Carbatec and saw one of their brand new products:

It may seem a bit unnecessary having clear tubing, but I actually prefer the concept – it gives a clear indication of how well the extraction system is still clearing particles, and also to reveal the location of any blockages.

Combining this with the Super Dust Deputy Carbatec have recently started selling and it could make for an interesting extraction system.

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  1. I have the clear flexible hose and I like the idea of being to observe how well particles are cleared. The Carbatec products look tempting….as do most things!

    Incidentally, I just purchased 5metres of 32mm vac hose for the shop vac. It now means I can vacuum all over the shop without having to drag the Shopvac around.

  2. Hey Stu, great to see the super dust deputy is available, any idea on cost? – not yet on the website. As for remote starting your dusty would this help? there is a smaller version that i’ve been thinking of bringing in for myself through my account.

    • Will find out the price.

      As to the starter – looks good, now just have to find one locally, and how to wire it in. The dusty itself can have an optional remote starter, but at over $300, it is just a bit over priced, especially for a Chinese(?) dusty

      I’ve been thinking about a couple of broom handles, but that isn’t exactly ideal.

      Wonder about finding a couple of actuators – that might work!

      • Do you guys have access to X10 or other home automation stuff? If so, you could automate it for pretty cheap using modules that transmit the ON/OFF signals over the AC powerline. I use Insteon stuff ( to automate things around our house (including the pool motors, lighting, garage doors, etc). You could even set it up using “sense” modules, e.g. when you turn on a table saw or the like, it would automatically activate the dust unit in the other shed. The simplest system would niclude a wireless remote and RF to powerline converter plus a 220V module to control the vacuum motor. It would probably price out cheaper than the unit described above.

        An example:–3+piece+X10+Home+Theatre+Control+Kit-3.html

        This kit comes for $80 AUD and you can use the RF receiver as an “appliance controller,” meaning you plug your dust extractor in (so long as it’s under 10 amps), and you can control it with the RF remote. Plus, you get a lamp controller that you can use to turn on an exterior light to the shed when you walk out back in the middle of the night. There are even kits to allow you to use an iPhone to control the shed!

    • Price just came back from Carbatec: $A549

  3. That Kit from carbatec has been tempting me since i recieved their latest catalogue. Thing is, is 4inch ducting big enough? Everything i seem to have read indicates 5inch is the way to go. Maybe they are planning a 5inch version?


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