Pottering around

Didn’t get a chance to get into the shed until well after dark, so not a lot was happening out there.  Bit of pottering.

Tried out sharpening my 1 1/4″ roughing gouge on the Tormek, then decided to test it out.  Ended up turning a blank to round, then spotted my micro-turning chisels so gave them a go too.  Actually really nice to work with, felt like I had good control over them (and the consequence of any grab is dramatically less).

Played a bit with the small parting tool, then realised the grooves I was cutting looked a bit like a honey server (honey dipper?), so decided to actually try that out on the blank (without any intention it will actually get used as one – too small, no real handle)

Might actually try making a real one sometime soon.

At least one god thing about a lathe is you can find yourself turning late into the night – they are quiet so the neighbours don’t realise. Be kinda tempted to take one into work, but I think the cleaners would have something to say about the dust and mess!  Also, the Health and Safety rep would probably not be happy (oh wait, that’s me).

That was about it for the evening – just too late to start anything.

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