Finishing the Glueless Stool

I finally got a chance to finish off the glueless stool I started at the recent NTX show (components cut on the Torque Workcentre)

Working Together

After rounding over the edge of the seat on the router table, it was time for a little sanding.  Still very impressed with how easy, relatively low noise, low vibration and minimal dust that results from the Festool system.  In this case I used 180 grit on the random orbital sander (ETS150/5) and it took a very little amount of time to get the necessary finish.  I’m not doing anything else as far as finish is concerned – this stool is specifically designed for the shower, and also designed to be disposable once it is no longer useful.  In saying that, the one I made 3 years ago is still going strong.

Edges of the straight sections were rounded over with the Fastcap 1/16″ Radius plane from Professional Woodworkers Supplies.  Without meaning to sound like a commercial, I keep finding myself turning to this plane to break (round over) an edge, where in the past I would have turned to the router table.  It is a brilliant little tool – surprisingly useful and very effective.

You can’t see it in the photo, but I’m using the double-sided vac clamp here which works perfectly on the cast iron tablesaw – holding the workpiece very securely, but releasing immediately the air supply is switched off.


The original glueless stool was made with wedged tenons, but this time I decided to go with the simpler pockethole, using the external grade Kreg Blue-Kote Robinson screws.

Glueless Shower Stool

The finished stool.  In this case I haven’t created a foot at the bottom of each ‘leg’, but instead I will probably use the pinned plastic anti-slip feet (those 1/2 domed 10mm diameter things).


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