Early Mornings

Some days, when sleep departs unexpectantly early, you can either roll over and try to ignore the cold morning air, or stupidly decide that it is a rare opportunity to get some things done in the shed.

Like I did this morning.  It was pretty cold out there – moreso because I don’t have insulation, or heating, so it was like a fridge.  A bit too much like a fridge really, given that both were around 4C!  When I went to drive to work later on, the car doors were frozen shut.  Not because the hinges were faulty or rusted or anything – the door had literally frozen to the car body.  (It didn’t take too much to break it free, but for somewhere that doesn’t receive any annual snow, ice on the car and particularly around the doors is unusual!)

I didn’t manage to get much done out there, and not for a lack of time but because the hands stopped wanting to be there.

Got the wood stock sorted out a bit more, although I have that really unfortunate situation where I have more stock than storage!  Guess I’d better get busy actually making something!

Wood Rack

And I decided that despite some advantages having the dusty inside the shed (easy to start, easier to empty, better suction being closer to the source), that I didn’t like its disadvantages more (noisy, pleated filter leaking some fine dust, too much floor space required), so I moved it once again to the back shed, leaving room for much more important items:


Even has a shelf (aka drill press table) for the draught-keg I got for Xmas (which still needs christening!!)

Mmm – lots of contemplation of the next project required!

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