A look way back

Came across some old photos (comparatively old that is) of the original shed

A lonely box


Pouring the original slab beside the shed that was already on the property when the place was purchased.  Note the rather new-looking Triton in the foreground.  The back shed was the first, and in there I had the tablesaw, router table (Triton) and a lathe.  Moving from that 3x3m into a 6×3 metre and I felt like it was SO much space.

Not sure the vintage of this one – it is the 6×3 shed but after that I don’t have any particular references. As much as sheds are continuously evolving, it just goes to show that it is worthwhile taking the occasional photo out there.  May not mean much to you at the time, but it is really interesting looking back.

Another view, and you may not pick it but in the middle is a GMC tablesaw – what I was using before even the Triton.  At this point it was converted to being a disk sander.  I think it was finally sold off a couple of years ago.  Under it is a GMC scrollsaw, and that $40 model is still in my workshop, it has gone up against other models worth 10x as much, and won.  One day a good scrollsaw would be interesting (I reviewed the Excalibur aways back), but until then this is still a functional, very occasionally used machine.

After the storm

That shed took a huge beating one day, with the wind tearing a side and roof completely off.  The only thing that saved the back wall was the Triton Wood Rack – the weight held that wall in place.  Note the Superjaws and recently finished doghouse that was used to help secure the groundsheet until a drier day eventuated.  Also too, there are a lot more houses in the background – amazing how the whole environment has changed over the years.

So that is a bit of look back to around 7-9 years ago.  Wonder what I’ll think in another 7-9 looking back at the current setup.  And what will the shed look like at the time?!!

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