The Green Green Grass of Home

Been over in Australia for a little over 10 years now, and other than the occasional 100% pure NZ advert, I found the thing that really made me long for the hills of NZ was discovering today I was in a more foreign country where it came to language than I realised.

I’m still pretty raw in my new role, and there hasn’t been much time separation from the previous role, but the feeling of persona non-grata still persists (strongly). I guess that doesn’t help the whole dislocation thing either.

It started with a programme, but it turns out that it should have been program – a spelling I used to reserve specifically for computer software. Next came colour, or should I say color?  Saw it spelt the US way, made a comment, only to be told that kids at school were being taught that spelling.  Wha???

I don’t know how widespread it is – or perhaps how out of touch I am.  Being from a country deemed “More British than the British” it is strange being in little america. I blame Microsoft.

Absolutely nothing against the US – I just grew up with colours, aeroplanes, programmes, aluminium and only a light smattering of zzzs.  😉

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