Bearing up

I was having another look at the Torque Workcentre tonight, and particularly the copy attachment.  I was using a rough template – one cut on the bandsaw and not sanded or finished, and found (obviously) the roughness was transferring.  Of course sanding would help hugely, but I also had another thought: bearings.

Specifically, fitting bearings of various sizes to the bottom of the copying pin.  With a very similar result, and fixing method as is used on bearinged router bits.  Not only then would the copying pin glide over the patterns (particularly when they are not as smooth as perhaps they should be), but also you could change bearing size to get a subtle change in how the pattern is duplicated, both scale and smoothing out (or exaggerating) curves, corners and details.

Such an easy modification as well 🙂  There is another aspect that would work well – not just having the edge to follow with the copy pin, but actually having a track- a slot for the pin to sit in (not unlike the track-following pin used for the table-mounted pin/guide)  Having the copy pin captive makes for a much more controlled situation – if the router bit encounters a knot or sim which would normally result in a kick (or dig-in), the captive guide would help mitigate that, and potentially result in a successful cut, rather than a destroyed piece.

Just wish I had more time to experiment!

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