Just topped 60 subscribers to the blog (and who knows how many iTunes podcast subscribers – a fair few!) Not a huge number, but a. it hasn’t been on offer for very long, and b. these are readers so get to see every post delivered directly to their email (those numbers don’t count towards the blog visitor count, but I track them separately).

I don’t mind one way or another whether people choose to subscribe or not – it is an available tool that may or may not be desirable to you.

Just one of the many (semi-accurate) stats that I occasionally track to see whether I am still producing content of interest.

I did a quick count the other day, and of the various Torque Workcentre videos I’ve made so far, they have been cumulatively watched over 17,000 times already. Even the video on the Festool Belt Sander released yesterday has been viewed over 400 times, and it hasn’t been 24 hours.

Sum total video views to date: 337,032 – if only I got $1 every view, I could be living off this place!

Even 10c would be a decent supplementary income.  I’m thinking about when I started off, trying to see if there was any interest in sponsors for videos.  No takers at the time, and now, well that is a fair few times that their logo would have been seen associated with providing this content free to the community.

At least one logo has been seen associated each time….. Stu’s Shed 🙂 Enjoy, as always.

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