Big update/catchup for Shed TV

Have finally spent a bit of time rebuilding the Stu’s Shed.TV pages – they were getting very out-of-date, and also unwieldy with the number of videos now available.

So I have come up with a new main page which is pretty basic (I might pretty it up in the near future) which describes each video category and links to the same.

There is a new index page for both Shed.TV and The YouTube Chronicles, which then links to each collection of about 15 videos a page.

It seems like you have to drill down a bit further now to get to the videos, so I will play around with it to see if it does work better overall.  Think it makes updating the pages a lot easier, so that is a good thing if nothing else.

For those that subscribe, if you get a near empty email that says something about “Episode XX, The something tool doing something”, this is all the automatic system pushes out when I’ve uploaded a new video – unfortunately I can’t control what goes out at that point, and the automatic email does not include the video for obvious reasons.

So hopefully, some overall improvements (and updates), and if you have just been looking at Shed.TV and wondering why there has been no content for so long, in part (at least) it was because I wasn’t keeping up with the video indexing.

Check it out, let me know what you think (the link to Stu’s Shed TV is at the top of the website on one of the tabs)

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