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  1. Yep
    This is up to your usual standard
    as Frank said
    Come flai with me

  2. Great Demo Stu. Be curious to know what a blade like that costs. How long would it last being treated like that?
    Keep up the good work.

    • According to Promac (the Australian importer of Flai), it is $240 for the 10″ version

      It is expensive as a blade, but given its performance here, if you are in a shared workshop situation, or deal with reclaimed timbers, or are looking for that 1 combo blade to deal with everything, including multiple materials, the Mustang certainly does deserve some close attention.

      That video is pretty impressive proof:

      Mild Steel

      all in a single cut. And then some nails in Cyprus Pine for dessert.

  3. Very impressive stuff, just shows what having the right machine can do. It’s obviously not always best to get the cheapest you can, quality usually comes with a higher price but I suppose it really depends on your requirements and budget?

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