Cause and Effect

Not the first time I’ve heard it happening, but it is rather cool to walk into a retailer and hear that they’ve been fielding a number of requests for a product (in this case Fluro Titebond (in this case something unavailable in Oz)) and have no idea why the sudden interest!

Stu’s Shed Dwellers doing us proud!

I was in Carbatec for the morning, talking about MagSwitch and it was good meeting up with some regular readers.  It was pretty quiet otherwise – I cut a stack of veneer (most of which ended up in the fireplace later in the day), and talked a bunch of MagSwitch.  Not sure if it made a lot of difference though – one of those days.  Started trying to do the veneers on one of the bandsaws at the start, but I just could not get it tuned up sufficiently – whenever I got the blade close to tension, I could not keep it tracking on the wheels.  Ended up switching over to the same bandsaw I have – the Carbatec 19″.  Tensioned up the blade, did nothing else to it and it was good to go.  Could have done with a better blade, but I still managed to rip some very thin slices using the single roller MagFence.

Talked to a couple of people about tablesaws – funny how often I get mistaken for a Carbatec employee!  One went for the contractor’s saw with a cast iron top – bit underpowered in the motor department, but overall doesn’t seem a bad saw for the sub $1k price.  The other couldn’t seem to get past the 200mm tablesaw.  I’m sure the Kapex would have been better for what they wanted (picture frames), but apparently noise was the primary consideration, irrespective of cost, or quality.

In the end, a bad day woodworking in one form or another, is still a good day! (It wasn’t a particularly bad day even so).

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