I have intended, for a long, long time, to get the bolts I needed to create the 3-featherboard riser for my MagSwitch Pro Featherboard.

The riser kit comes with the correct length bolts for creating a low 2-featherboard and a high 2-featherboard, but for some strange reason they (MagSwitch) don’t choose to provide the bolts for the 3-featherboard.

I’m sure I could have gone to a bolt supplier and gotten the correct length (4.5″ x 1/4″) coach bolt, but I left my run too late (I wanted it for tomorrow’s MagSwitch demo day at Carbatec (Melb)), so I had to settle for 5″ bolts from the jolly green giant and cut them down by 8mm (sorry about the mixed measurement systems!)  To cut them down I first threaded a couple of nuts on, then used a hacksaw to cut off the excess thread.  To fix any damage to the remaining thread, I then removed the nuts which removed any burrs that had formed.  It worked fine, but it would have been a lot easier if I’d been able to buy the right sized bolt first up!

I know – rather boring, but it has just been one of those items on my long list of things to get done.  A list that never seems to get shorter – bet I’m not the only one that has that problem.  You know, I don’t think people get older by default (in appearance, attitude, grey hairs etc) – it is the result of the accumulation of things on the list that weighs you down until you look old and grey.

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