Ah Nu – I mussed it

Fue eh.

Stu’s Shed is now 3!  20 June 2007 – 20 June 2010, and still counting.

1st Year 2nd Year 3rd Year Difference Total
Site Visitors 109,470 309,420 386,072 +76,652 804,962
Av Visitors/Day (Jun) 571 1028 1124 +96
Subscribers@ 0 0 55 +55 55
Posts/Articles 328 447 527 +80 1302
Word Count* 131,200 178,800 210,800 +32,000 520,800
Photos 700 1053 1182 +129 2935
Videos# 30 22 32 +10 84

@ The subscriber service is new for 09/10, and excluding those who subscribed, then unsubscribed there is still a net increase of people who get each new post directly to their email inbox.  These are not reflected in the site visitor count shown on the main page.
* Estimate, each post average 400 words
#not including tool promo videos, or 3rd party videos sourced from YouTube (etc)

I can’t even begin to think about summarising this last year.  One word works: “More”

More wood shows, more overseas trips, more mess, more reviews, more Festool 😉 ,more ads $#$%$#

Ok, as a birthday present for you all, I have just purchased a year’s subscription to the WordPress NO-AD service.  I hate web-based advertising – that mindless, automatic crap that is making an ever-increasing appearance on websites, trying to entice you to accidentally click on something that isn’t the primary content of the website (and yes, I’m including banners, auto-ads etc in that).  I’ve resisted it until now, and it has probably cost me a lot of potential income – so be it.  I’m even prepared to pay to ensure this site has none.  So if you see any that looks like it shouldn’t be there, please tell me!

I will still provide links to suppliers whom I am talking about, so, assuming everything works as it should, I control all aspects of the content of this website, so what is there is what I have chosen.

My thanks to those companies that demonstrate an interest in the website – it means I can keep offering plenty of interesting content to the site’s many readers.  Most importantly, a really big thanks to the readers themselves (all of you!) – if you didn’t continue to visit, there would be no reason for this website to continue to exist, so it is because of your persistence that this site continues to prosper and grow – I would not be inspired to continue it if not for you!!

Things are getting back on track after a couple of months – with the new video camera I already have not one, but three new Stu’s Shed.TV videos sitting in the can ready for me to have a moment to process them and get them out there.  I’m still getting to grips with some of the new technological challenges the camera poses – being high def and flash memory challenges the computer in new ways, but I’ll have a new processing workflow nutted out shortly.

Onward and upward eh!

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