Stu’s Shed TV is almost back on the air

Just placed an order for a new video camera to get Stu’s Shed TV back online.

I’ve decided on the Canon HFS 20, and it should be pretty impressive, and significantly improve my workload in producing a video.

Canon – because they still make exceptional products, and have very sound optics.

H – stands for High Definition

F – stands for flash.  Not in the lighting sense (although the camera has both a small flash and a small video light), but in the way video is stored in this camera.  Flash memory – in other words there are no moving parts in the video storage – it is all solid state.  It has 32GB of dual built-in memory, and can also take dual SDHC cards, which means the available memory can be tripled if desired. (SDHC cards can go to a maximum of 32GB each)  One massive advantage for me in this – speed of transferring the raw video into the computer.  With the digital tapes I was using, if I shot 60 minutes of video, it would take another 60 minutes to transfer it to the computer.  Solid state recording results in a computer file that can be transferred directly to the computer – no more video capture required (AWESOME!!!)

S – Not sure exactly what this adds, but it is definitely a much larger CMOS chip for the video chip – over 8MB vs 3MB for the HF 20.

Can’t wait!!!!

3 Responses

  1. Great camera liked it, whats its price????

  2. great news about shed tv

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