Dust Suck

Cyclones rule.  I keep finding myself challenging it and seeing it cope, again and again.  I keep checking the dust bag in the vac as well – at this rate I’ll need a new one soon….in about 10 years or so soon that is.  Pretty much nothing is carrying across to the dust bag.

Cyclones rule!

Cyclone Power

I’ve also been playing with the Festool vac, and have changed the bag to the long-life variety.  (Not yet christened)

Festool Longlife Bag

The primary difference between the Longlife variety and the ‘garden variety’ Self-clean disposable bag is just that: the Self-clean is designed to be thrown away once full, and the long-life designed to be emptied and reused.  The rear of the Longlife bag has a clip that is removed so the bag can be emptied easily.

Bag Clamp

At the other end of the bag is the connection for the vac.  Unlike disposable bags, this is more substantial and has a cap to cover the inlet when transporting the bag for emptying.

It doesn’t look to have the same capacity as the self-cleaning bags, but that is definitely mitigated by the capability to be emptied and reused.

Bag Nozzle

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