Super Systainer

Along with the BS105, came the largest systainer I have come across to date – a double-width one.

BS105 at Home

Again, it just highlights the shear size of the BS105.

The Systainer still fits in with the rest of the range, allowing stacking and interlocking.  At the mid-section of the lid are two flip-up components that the next systainer’s tabs engage with.


After that, you can begin stacking, and stacking.

House of Systainer

Systainers are not restricted to Festool, and indeed even the Festool Systainer actually comes from another company: Tanos.  Even my Cooltainer is actually branded Tanos, rather than Festool.  It may be that Festool using the Systainers for tool storage, but there are a wide variety of applications.

And other brands using them as well, including 3M, CleHo, Berner GmbH, Siemens AG, DeWalt, BTI GmbH, Festool, Metabo, Protool, Makita, Mafell, Lamello, Brillux, Ironside International, Wilpu, EBH AG, Linhof, Societé FOBI, Holzher, and I’m sure the list isn’t close to complete.

Makita Systainer

The company is continuing to develop new products and styles.

Blue Systainer

and on the Tanos website, you can even design your own (at least colour schemes)

Systainer Colour Schemes

Just mucking around, and yes, you can create some hideous combinations!

Think I’ll just stick to Festool (and probably Protool) ones at this stage!

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