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Probably way too cryptic-a-link to the movie “Girl, Interrupted”, but by the end of the move, I’m sure at least one person was ready for a rest in an asylum!

I’m speaking of the launch today of the Professional Woodworkers Supplies website, at

The site still has the same (uninterrupted) web address, and kind-of looks like the old one (but only at first glance), but has been completely reworked from top to bottom.

There are lots of products, and quite a few new ones (or ones that may have been missed on the old site).  The shopping cart software is brand-new as well.  All PWS need now is for the eShopping software to also package and ship the goods, and they could retire to the beach!  When you drill down to the individual products, you can really see the new cart at work.

But back to reality – check out the new site – there is plenty to see (and tempt).


Today was the new product launch in Australia of some new Festool and Protool…uh….tools!

Been looking around the web to find out the details of the launch, (I couldn’t make it myself, given I have just started a new job), but it seems to be very quiet out there.

Instead, I have found over on the UK and German Festool sites some new tools that I can only surmise are the ones launched here.

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