Operation Jumbo Drop

Came across a product at the recent Tradesman Expo which looked a bit of a novelty at the start, but has been really growing on me the more I think about it.

The product is called a Jumbobag, and it is being touted as a skip replacement, and the more I think about it, the more popular the idea is for me, not only as a home handyman/shed dweller but also for tradies and businesses.

The problem: rubbish, and how to dispose of it.  When you have such a pile that the concept of a skip comes to mind.

I’ve just checked, and had a skip quoted online, and for a 2 cubic metre skip, hired for just 24 hours would cost $130 ($190 for a week, $490 for a month), plus council fees, and $50/tonne over 300kg.  So cost for a load weighing 1 tonne is $180, 1.5 tonne is $230 min.

2 cubic metre skip bin

A 2 cubic metre skip is approximately equal to two 6×4′ trailer loads.

A Jumbobag – capacity 2.3 cubic metres, 1.5 tonnes (can hold up to 9 tonnes before breaking).  No council permit required, and you can take as long as you want to fill the bag.  Collection $160, including the $30 for the bag.  Place the bag a maximum of 4m from the street and the truck can pick it up, including over a fence.  There are no other fees (although the website has more info about excess weight and how much to fill the bag if you are filling it with concrete etc).

Jumbo, Jumbo, Jumbo!

What I really like about the concept, is you can have a bag or two (or 10) stored, ready to go.  Whenever you need it, you take it out of its packet (and it stores flat in a smallish bag), open it up, and start filling.  When you are ready, ring the number to book the pickup, and within 3 days, the bag and all your crap just disappears!

Now that's Jumbo

In use

So there you have it – a skip that you don’t book, pay council fees (or permit), and one you store in your shed until it is actually needed.

Cool product!

6 Responses

  1. Great stuff Stu. I used something similar called a KangaBag once and it worked fantastically (except the truckie was sick on the pick-up day).

    Great idea for those yearly shed clean-outs.

  2. We yanks have something similar in the states called Bagster.


  3. It is a fantastic idea! sooo cheap and convenient! i love it! best idea ever!

  4. These caught my eye in Mitre 10 and I was impressed at how much junk you could fit in there. Thoroughly recommend this.

  5. Great idea – I’m going to get one so I can clear out some crap over the holidays!

  6. […] in June 2010, I wrote about Jumbo Bags as an alternative to the traditional skip. Given that I am again in the market for a rubbish […]

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