NTX Day 3

Final day of the show, and for me the final show for a while (at least until October).  There were no where near as many people at the Tradesman’s Show than at a wood show, but by the sound of it, the small crowd makes up for it in amount they spend.  About 5500 people over all, over the 3 days.

There was lots to see, and interestingly, a lot of different things from what we know and expect from a wood show, year after year.

Some I will be going into more detail in the near future, but to pick out a few that come to mind:

Acculine were there (previously reviewed on this site), along with Steel Blue, which makes very comfortable workboots.  Haven’t tried a pair out, but after another 3 days on my feet, I am very tempted!

The military put in an appearance – guess it is easier to recruit from apprentices, than from the demographic that attends wood shows!

Some big (and not so big) earth movers – rather static displays unfortunately.  There was an area walled off in the middle with a big pile of earth that looked like there was going to be ongoing demonstrations, but at the end of 3 days, the pile didn’t seem to have changed at all – sad really – I was looking forward to some mini comps being run, demos etc.

Lots of laser tools, and then some really static displays – seemingly manned by mannequins (but they were real people, just not seemingly interested in engaging, or encouraging patrons).   Other displays were full of demos, talking, explanations etc.

Too much to see to remember it all straight up – mark of a good turnout for the show.  It is sad that the tool section concept isn’t also seen at the wood show – looked an excellent idea.

Some familiar faces made an appearance at the show, and one came with something special for Stu’s Shed.

The shed has been flying the US flag, Oz flag and Sea Shepherd flag for a while now.  What it now also has is a flag with the silver fern – exactly what I was looking for.  Awesome!  Thanks!!!!!!!!

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