Big day of preparation for various upcoming events.  The obvious one of course is this weekend, with the National Tradesman’s Expo at the Showgrounds (Melbourne) where there is a Stu’s Shed stand 9m x 3m that has to look the part.

Gathering tools etc for that – routers, saws, Torque Workcentres, etc – at least I have another day to assess if anything is missing.

It should be an interesting display – 3 machines (3.5m, 2m & router master), couple of vacs (one being the shop vac with cyclone), Protool SwordSaw, Festool Circular saw, Triton circular saw, Triton router, Hitachi router, Protool drill – think that covers the main machinery involved.

Along with that, I was also in Carbatec arranging the next two month’s demonstrations.

June (which has (shockingly) already started) will be on MagSwitch, and will include the technology and how it is ideally suited in the woodworking environment.  I will be showing the MagSwitch products for the tablesaw and router table, and those specifically suited for the bandsaw.  I’m hoping to have the bandsaw running, and to do a bit of resawing/veneer slicing (it will be interesting to see if my skills measure up!).  So that is on the 26th June from 10am to 12pm.

July (and specifically the 31st July) will be me demonstrating pen turning.  Talk about jumping in the deep end!  I’m not professing to be an expert turner, or pen turner, but if you’ve wanted to at least see how the average person can still produce a pretty good looking pen, then this will be of definite interest.  I will be turning wood and acrylic, going through each step, and also looking at finishing methods, including my take on CA (superglue) finish (I still use the DJ’s Timber technique of approx 20 layers of CA which I showed in a video aways back).  Carbatec are making a bit of a day of it as well – and will have a sausage sizzle going to feed the hordes!  Looking forward to it – think it will be an interesting demo day!

So that has been the day so far – too much to do, too little time!

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