Triton in stock again

As much as (to the disappointment of some readers) I have moved on from Triton personally, there is a nostalgic moment getting to see them back on shelves.

Has the world moved on too much for them to still prove to be a cost-effective product? That will be an answer for others to answer I think. As close as it got, the brand survived, but I don’t think it will ever recover to its pre GMC position – too much damage done, too much time lapsed.  But for existing owners, at least there is some hope spares can be again sourced (hope being the operative word here), and the Triton router is back.  Pity the original saw has not reappeared – it is still the new Chinese version.

Triton Router Tables

Router Tables – this equipment brings so much early woodworking memories back, even early Stu’s Shed memories.

Dust Buckets

So there is again a smattering of orange around woodworking again.  It will be interesting how sales go, and whether a new generation of woodworkers are encouraged to take up the hobby/passion/obsession because of the brand.

If you are looking for Triton – check your local Carbatec (in Australasia).

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  1. It shows again that it is hard to build a reputation and so easy to destroy it. It would be an interesting case study to look at the rise and fall of Triton. For me Triton was the kick start to this wonderful world of woodworking.

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