New Festool Product Launch!

Just received an invite to the new Festool / Protool product launch, which is exciting in itself, let alone the fact there are new Festool products floating around!

Sadly (very very sadly), I’m not sure I will be able to go to it – I will have only just started a new job, and it isn’t exactly the best look with a new job and heading off to something non work related.  And yes, this does mean I am leaving my current job of 9 years in IT, and that also means that I am leaving IT altogether.  Long story, not going into it, but regular readers of this site might have had some inkling something was on the cards.

Getting back to the much, much more interesting news at hand, and all I know to be able to reveal is the graphic that Festool sent out with their invitation email – who knows if the info on each bottle means anything (but my guess is that it does have relevance)

Festool Product Release

So, 4 things Festool, one Protool. Potentially somethings Festool 18V, 400W, 21kg, 14.4V and 400W Protool.

Lots of intrigue in there – especially I’d think about something Festool that weighs 21kg!  The current Kapex weighs 21kg……..

Mmmm.  Christmas coming early this year!

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