Brisbane Day 3

It always amazes me how fast these shows come and go – although my feet (and head) were telling me they’d done enough work, it is disappointing to see them wrap up.

Today was pretty busy – not on par with Saturday from what I could tell, but the term “tyrekickers” was heard a number of times about the place. I know from what discussing MagSwitch on Saturday the conversation typically ended with a handful of stuff being taken to the till. On Sunday the same conversation resulted in the person going that was really interesting and walking away.  Weird.

Before the show started for the day, I had another wander around, snapped a few more photos.

Promac Stand

Promac had a stand there this year (not sure if they have been there under their own banner before) – they’d be familiar to you from the sense they are the importers of Tormek, Flai and BMI.  Their Flai blades will soon appear in the Battle of the Blades here on Stu’s Shed.  I’ve already featured a quick test cut of the Mustang – cutting through timber and nails without any complaints at all, and their “U”(ltimate) and “Z” blades will be included in the side-by-side tests. (Check under the “Tools” tab if you haven’t seen the blade articles before).

043 Turning 1m Blanks

Saw these at 043 Turning ( – 1 metre long resin blanks for pen turning (etc).  A really good idea – results in significantly less wastage (I often find myself throwing away a good 15mm + of resin when using a 1-pen blank, so being able to cut just the right length for the pen from this stock means you’d get a good 2 to 3 more pens out of the same overall length of resin.  Wish more suppliers would do this!  I ended up buying a length of camouflage blank (although I hope I can find the pens when I make them!).

Jim "The Rocking Horse Whisperer" Marshall

Met Jim and his wife (sorry – name slipped), who were staying at the same place I was – Spring Hill Terraces.  Certainly a LOT nicer (like 1,000 time nicer than the last place I tried (last year)  – that place was like trying to stay in a 70’s kitchen, complete with a 70’s bed, on a 70’s vinyl floor, next to a continually running 70’s noisy fridge)  The Terraces I would definitely use again.  Getting back to Jim’s horses – as you can see he does a very fine carving, and finishing, and it is interesting seeing the display which shows a horse head carving in different stages.

Toy Plans

Walked past this place almost without realising what it was about, but finally figured they actually were selling toy making plans!

On the wall behind, the signs read:

We sell the plans, YOU make the toy

We sell the kit, YOU assemble the toy

We sell the toy, YOU do ??????

Festool's Systainer

Festool were there again, with their stand-sized systainer.  There is a new product release coming which I’m hoping to attend the launch on 10 June – they refuse (wisely!!) to disclose what it (or they) are, but I got the impression it involved more than 1 item.  Something to look forward to (and thankfully, not too long a wait!)

I took a guy to look at the Festool Cleantex in combination with their circular saw (he works a lot with MDF), and I hung around the see the demo of the cut and how clean it can be (as in lack of free dust).  With the combination of a fixed guard to encourage as much dust as possible to be picked up by the onboard nozzle, it was an impressive demonstration.  I now have a better appreciation about what these saws are about – not only the unique way the blade is plunged to commence the cut, but the filtration safety as well.

Small turned vase

Saw these impressive turnings (from Camphor) on the Billinudgel Woodworking stand.  Standing at least 18″ high, they are impressive to look at and have a very precise wall thickness all the way to the base.  The right-hand vase was one Stan Ceglinski pointed out to me had an impression of Buddha on it, with Buddha being overseen (from the right) by the outline of a bull.  Doesn’t show up well in the photo, but you can definitely pick it when seeing it in person.

So once again, plenty to look at, and even after so many years (I’ve lost count of how many shows I’ve been to), there is still something to learn.

2 weeks time, it’s the National Trademan’s Expo in Melbourne – don’t forget I’ve arranged 2 for 1 tickets if you are thinking of checking it out.

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