Brisbane Day 2

Another big day on the job – the Magswitch Pro Featherboard proved very popular – to the extent I was pretty much out of stock by 2, and ended up selling the ones I was using to demonstrate.  Great being busy, and especially when you feel like you are really achieving something, but I was whacked by the end of the day!

Current haunts

This is where I spent much of the day today, and to give the space a bit more presence, I rolled out one of the new Stu’s Shed banners. I still have a small pile of fridge magnets available too (although I have been known to subversively secrete some elsewhere in the show (pillars, Triton workcentres, Torque workcentres etc)

Speaking of Triton – seemed strange seeing them at a show again.  From what I hear, the router is proving very popular.  This is the latest version of the 2400W.  Noticed a slight modification to the router table as well, but haven’t looked closely to see what other changes have been made, if any.

The Triton Phoenix

Next to the Triton display, there are a few Dust Deputy Cyclones, and in the background, the very Dust Deputy I’ve been trying to duplicate (with little success)! – the one designed to fit on top of the Festool Vac.



Some of my work for the Torque guys – the 2m freestanding banner in the foreground, and the 2.5m x  2m banner hanging in the background. These will be coming down to Melbourne in time for the Tradesman’s Expo for my stand in a couple of weeks.


Lots to look at on the TWC stand.


Finally, these are the Stihl boys showing their slabbing skills.  I have been thinking there is no real reason why a very similar concept wouldn’t work particularly well on the Torque Workcentre.

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