Brisbane Wood Show

Flew up to Brisbane this morning….really early this morning – left home at 3:45am! for the Brisbane Working with Wood Show, once again at the RNA Showgrounds.

Seemed some really good numbers for the first day – not excessively busy, but just the right number to look busy without being overcrowded.

I’m on the Maxis Tools stand (although I’m going to bounce between Carbatec, the Triton display, and Maxis) – primarily talking about an old favourite – MagSwitch, and also Lidwig clamps. Did you know the Lidwig Claw is only $5.50 now? Think I might get a few more myself – the 7 or so I currently have are all in use, so I never have spares for any other requirement.

And yes – there is a display of Triton gear there, obviously as part of Carbatec. The machines look good too – all new and shiny. Even some familiar faces manning the display.

Some others include Promac (Tormek and Flai), Microclene, Torque, Chris Vesper, Carrolls, Ubeaut, Aust Wood Review and that is hardly scratching the surface of companies and displays. It certainly does not seem like a year since I was up here for the last Working with Wood Show!

I didn’t get any photos today (sorry) – a bit tired after the day’s start, and rather too busy talking – the voice is already paying the price, and it is only the end of day 1! I just hope I get a chance to chat to everyone I want to before Sunday evening. I haven’t even had a chance to source out some things I’d like to acquire for myself (other than some extra Claws).

The Torque display is looking rather impressive – check out the large banner, and the free standing ones – might look familiar to regular readers. They have a couple of Workcentres on display, one with a double arm, and a couple of Router Masters. There is a show special, offering a Torque Workcentre, all the jigs and a surfacing cutter for about $470 below their current pricing.

Lots of timber and things happening outside, but I didn’t get close to having a better look at what was out there. Trouble is with all the timber they have is I can’t get it home again!

I’ll try to do a better job of documenting the show tomorrow, but I get too caught up just enjoying being there and being part of it, I forget. Not sure what number show this is for me: double figures for sure, but they still haven’t lost any of their appeal for me, in fact the opposite because the more I carry on this Stu’s Shed journey, the more of the people who regularly attend these shows, either as visitors, or exhibitors become friends I look forward to catching up with

So roll on tomorrow, and another great day, but for now, I’m going to flake.

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