Been very busy the past few days finishing off a large desktop publishing job, which has simply meant no time for anything else (including packing for the trip to Brisbane……tomorrow at 6am) (ouch).

Hmm – that reminds me, better check in and get my boarding pass!

Will be at the Brisbane Timber and Working with Wood Show from tomorrow (Friday) through to Sunday.  I’ll be on the Maxis Tool Systems stand talkin’ about my old favourite, MagSwitch, and probably Kreg, DMT etc.

I’ve had a few questions (etc) come through – sorry I haven’t been able to get to them, but will do a bit of processing the backlog.

And a big thanks to John – he found a limited edition Skillers power driver holder and very kindly sent me one.  Very much appreciated!

Limited Edition Skillers Power Driver Holder

Uses exactly the same attachment method as all the other Skillers pockets, so this can also be attached to the belt, or jacket, or workpants (etc)

Very cool.

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