Filter Changing

A couple of questions were raised about the MC760 from Microclene about how to tell when a filter needs to be changed, and how easy is it to do so (especially when there are 3 types of filters for different jobs and it would be good to be able to switch between them)

Firstly to knowing when a filter needs changing.  There is no point looking at these filters and thinking it looks clean, or dirty – the ol’ eyechrometer is not a particularly good tool for that job.

There is a much better one – a sheet of paper.

Place the sheet of paper so it covers the intake (don’t worry if it isn’t a perfect match in size – an A4 sheet (“Letter” for you USians) is perfectly fine.  Do this the first time you install a new filter to get a reference point.  Turn off the air filter, and time how long it takes for the paper to fall away from the filter.  Write this number on a piece of cellotape or similar and stick it to the side of the machine (so you don’t forget it!)

Repeat this test at regular intervals (time between intervals depends on how dusty you typically make the air in your workshop!).  When it only takes 1/2 as long as the original test for the paper to detach, it is time for the filter to be replaced.  You’ll be surprised how dirty the filter has to be before it reaches this state.

To replace the filter on the MC760, it is simply a matter of loosening 2 screws – one on either side of the front panel, and switch out the filter material.  Takes literally seconds.

Filter Changing on the MC760

Simple huh!

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