Freestanding Banners

Been up against the wall recently with a whole bunch of deadlines (and that hasn’t ended yet!) With the VERY rapidly approaching Brisbane Working with Wood Show (starting this Friday!!) each deadline has be taken to the 11th hour (and well beyond – burning the midnight candles regularly).

Really looking forward to the show – it is going to be great working with Maxis Tool Systems up there.

Unrelated to what I am doing in Brisbane (although you will probably get to see these at the show, on the Torque Workcentre stand), I created these two free-standing banners. One for myself (obviously), and one as a commission.  Each measures 2000x850mm, and at 300DPI, they were particularly large (1GB).

.They will both also get a showing at the again extremely rapidly approaching National Tradesman’s Expo in Melbourne.

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