Been a full-on weekend, and how unusual – shed time suffers.  Sound familiar?

Saturday I was planning on shooting the a whole stack of photos of the Torque Workcentre, but some rather unfortunate (unrelated) developments meant the day was taken up with other activities. Noone seriously hurt, but the car is somewhat shorter, particularly in the rear.

Today being Mother’s Day (happy Mother Day!) we had a nice family time morning, and I was able to get into the photos early afternoon.  Shot photos solidly until I ran out of light (last photos were 4 seconds long each, so really went until the light was gone!)  Another 120 photos for the TWC assembly manual I am writing, and nearing completion.

Thinking Mother’s Day might be why the stats for the website have taken a serious hit for the day – down almost 300 hits than normal.  Hopefully it’s that, and not recent posts taking more artistic license than normal! (I was rather pleased with those posts).

With Brisbane looming closer, followed by NTX beginning of June as well as some major changes about to happen at work, getting some relaxed shed time is something I am really craving. Reestablishing a balanced work/home, home/shed, Stu’s Shed/shed life is becoming a triple priority.  Followed very closely with a refinement of the last one to include more getting to use the tools out there.

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