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I just received this email, and it absolutely nails why I think Australian Engineering and Aussie inventors should be strongly supported.  It also goes to show why I am particularly supportive of Torque Workcentres – responsive engineering.  You can talk to them about your machine, and ideas you have, and they take that input seriously.

I have been reading with interest your progression of stories about the Torque Work Centre and thought I would share my experiences with the company that makes these (YAS Engineering).

To set the back ground, I purchased a RouterMaster off eBay a couple of years ago, but I only recently set it up. It was still in its original box and bubble wrap so it was essentially brand new.

Used it a couple of times and it worked really well. The only problem was the dust collection. So I rang the good folks at Torque Work Centre to check if the new dust extractor / shroud would fit my old version. Keith from YAS Engineering answered the question and then started to ask about the machine that I had. After a couple of minutes, he described a number of things that could be tweaked on my old machine (turns out to be nearly 20 years old and one of the first manufactured). Keith offers to tweak the machine for me at a “fair price”.

The summary so far is that I have 20 year old machine, that I bought secondhand and now the owner of the patent and original inventor is offering to tweak it as there have been some improvements to the design since it was built. I was a little taken aback by this as I have never heard of anybody offering such a high level of service on anything. (Imaging buying a 20 year old machine like a saw bench and the manufacturer offering to upgrade it !!)

I dropped the Router Master off to Keith a couple of weeks ago and picked it up this week end. I have to admit, the difference in the machine, the smoothness of operation and the overall functioning of the machine have been improved immensely. From what I though was a pretty good piece of equipment, Keith has tweaked it to make an exceptional piece of equipment. The best part is that my RouterMaster now has the same base as the new version, meaning that I can bolt it straight onto a Torque Work Centre table in the futire. And the price was more than fair !!

I think I can sum up the level of customer service by quoting Keith directly. In his own words “I invented it, so I am responsible for it”.

Just thought I would pass on this example of exceptional service.

If you can use this information to assist the people at Torque Work Centres, please feel free.

Engineering Down Under – you’ve gotta love it!

Print Services

I recently tested the waters as it were of some online print services, and have been very happy with my initial experiences – the online service, phone support (although keep in mind it is an Australian 1800 phone number, it is answered in the ?US, so you need to ring them during their working day!), quality of product, and turn-around time.

The company I used was Vistaprint, and to give some idea of the costs – the 1.8m x .8m banner in outdoor grade vinyl cost $75, 1500 business cards with a printed reverse side and a glossy finish (and my logo) $76, and a number of free items as well – car magnets, postcards (with my logo), small banner, PostIt notes (and I qualified for free delivery on 3 of the 4 orders I have placed so far).

Just be careful of one thing – it is addictive! (And they do email you regularly with extra temptations (if you choose)….)

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