Lookin’ at Stats

It is very hard, if not near impossible to get a real word count of the site these days.  I could cut’n’paste every single post into Word/Pages, but with over 1200 posts, that would take quite a bit of time, for little real purpose.  I did export the XML file for the site, and had a quick look at that, and the best I can estimate is the site now exceeds 1 million words.

Perhaps a more conservative count would place the word count around the same level as the visitor count (which has recently passed 3/4 of a million).  That’s a lot of visits too, at least as far as I’m concerned.  Apparently WordPress (the power behind this blog) regard sites which exceed 25000 visits a month as being a high-traffic site.  We’ve been achieving that (and more) for about 1 1/2 years – the more the merrier!

One of these days perhaps I should turn the effort towards a more traditional, durable format.  The word count of this site is roughly equivalent to Stephen King’s The Stand (unabridged) twice over, or the entire 7 books of Harry Potter or The Lord of the Rings twice over.  I know which I’d prefer to read!  But if you have been with me since the beginning, it sure has been an interesting (and long) journey so far!

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