Progressing the Concept

Just a quick update to let you know that I am still working on the Stu’s Shed Dweller concept.  The first company has expressed a definite willingness to come onboard – Australian Wood Review, obviously specific details need to be worked out, and what the offers will be.  I haven’t had an opportunity to contact many companies yet about the idea – hopefully over the next few months.

I have gotten the actual membership cards organised – arriving in a couple of weeks.

Stu's Shed Dweller Membership Card

Now I won’t be actually releasing any memberships until I feel the concept has legs – in other words enough industry buy-in to justify membership (and just a reminder, we are only taking around a $10 or so membership – cost recovery only)  And I really would like the idea to be international, Oz, NZ, UK, US at least, and beyond.

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