New Demo Programme

I’ve been having discussions with the manager of Carbatec, Melbourne, and he is very supportive of me running a demonstration programme in-store.

What I’m planning, is a demonstration on a wide variety of topics, running for 2 hours on the last Saturday of the month, each month, from 10am to 12pm.  There is no charge to attendees, and it is a matter of turning up at some stage in that 2 hour window, seeing what I have on hand, asking any questions you may have.  If there is a crowd, then I’ll do more of a talking/running presentation.  If not, then I’ll be there to show whatever you want to see, and having more of a dialogue.

The first few topics (starting in May (there is no April demo planned)) will likely be:

May: Kreg Pockethole

Kreg Pockethole

June: MagSwitch

MagSwitch Combo Fence Kit

July: CNC Shark

CNC Shark

The first few topics are subject to change until I lock down the programme formally.

Other topics likely to be on the schedule include:

Pen Turning
Leigh FMT
Sharpening (Tormek / DMT Diamond)
Tablesaw Basics
Bandsaw Basics
Wood Preparation (Planer/Thicknesser)

and that is just the start of the potential list.  Other suggestions welcome (and if better than the above could end up earlier in the schedule!)

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