Stu’s Shed and the Volcano

I do understand that thousands of people have been significantly inconvenienced, and millions of dollars lost, so don’t get me wrong on that point.

It is kinda cool though, that I got an email last night to say my recent order of Stu’s Shed stationary is suffering a delay…….because of a volcano! The ash from the eruption of  Eyjafjallajökull is holding up my delivery.

I mean, what can I do – it is a force of nature!

I am a little surprised it is disrupting the order – I’d have thought the company I used would print the stationery in the country that placed the order, or perhaps it does, and just some of the order is sourced overseas.  Who knows, will have to wait and see what arrives from where (and perhaps dust it off a little 😉 )

Speaking of orders and deliveries, got one last night which has been roaming around the place for about 6 months, so finally I will be able to complete the article I was planning on writing about diamond whetstones back in June 09.  The one I was missing was the XX Coarse stone from DMT (120 micron), which after a long story has turned up.  Oh well – you weren’t in a hurry by any chance?

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