Where once there was one…

I now have 3 Torque Workcentres (temporarily) around the place! In the shed is the 2.5m one – the one everyone has been becoming familiar with (and all my mods!)

At the back door is a 2m Torque that I have been slowly assembling and photographing for the assembly and operation manual I’m writing.

And as of this afternoon, there is a 3.5m sitting in the driveway. I must admit once I saw it, I headed down to the shed to see if there was any way I could fit a 3.5 metre unit in the space I have the 2.5m one. Sadly, I just don’t think so. I could possibly get a 3m in there, but the 3.5 is just too much for the space I have (damn!) I need a Tardis shed! Or a hole-in-the-wall!

The 2m and the 3.5m are both destined for the National Tradesman’s Expo at the start of June, on the Stu’s Shed stand A43. (The plan is that these 2 won’t be coming home again!) To these two will be added a Torque Router Master (which is a Torque Workcentre without the X Axis travel – still highly functional, and particularly applicable for sheds confined in space, or contractors looking for a unit that can be taken to the worksite.) The site I have for the show is 9m long (and 3m deep) (but don’t expect I’ll be leaving router bits lying around!) so this combination will be pretty perfect.

The 3.5m unit will be interesting, in that it will be fitted with 2 arms instead of 1, to demonstrate how the TWC could be used in a more industrial-type setting, with a router fitted to one arm, and a circular saw fitted to the other.

I’ve been organising a few other things for the show – business cards, postcards, banner, magnets. Most are due to arrive in the next day or so, so I’m looking forward to seeing how they came out. Lots more to do to dress things up to create a professional presentation.

I need to create some sort of presentation to showcase the website. You can help here. If there has been any particular posts that stand out for you as really encapsulating the essence of this site, then that is what I need to know.

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