If a picture is worth 1000 words…

Then the 150 I’ve taken so far (with an estimated another 150 to go) of the Torque Workcentre for their Assembly and Operation Manual should provide a reasonable degree of clarity of the machine!

If I’ve been a bit quiet on here the last little while, this shoot has been playing a significant role in that.  Over the past two days I have assembled a 2m Torque Workcentre, and I’m near finished assembling the base machine.  Take heart though, it normally doesn’t take 2 days to put one together (not sure how fast I can do one now, but this being the third machine I’ve done, I could probably do one from start to finish in about 90 minutes).  It take SIGNIFICANTLY longer when you are planning every single step, choosing the optimum angle to document the stage, and then comes the real battle – nature.

Today was not a good day in that respect – wind, rain, bright sun, clouds, and a complete lack of clouds!  The shed is most certainly not ideal to document this sort of process – too busy in the background, considering I am planning on photoshopping out the background in every single photo, and substituting a background in of my choice.  So a busy background would make my post processing impossibly long.  Every photo I was dodging bright sun (contrast is the enemy), but the wind was also blowing over my screen constantly, and all the rest.  Frustrating, but I got as far as I wanted in the end, which was a relief.

So to give you an idea of some of the images (detail shots primarily) to explain different steps in the assembly:

Levelling the primary frame

This is one of the first steps – once the base frame is bolted together and turned up the right way, it gets finessed to be all true and level.  A straight edge is used, and in this case I used the brand-new-to-market BMI SuperRobust, distributed in Australia by Promac.  Just as an aside, as far as levels go, this one takes the cake on quality of construction, and accuracy.  But enough of that till later, when I’ve had a chance to really try it out.

Y Axis Carriage

Adjusting the brake

Another carriage view

It is going to be interesting drawing this all together into a comprehensive package.

One thing of note, I originally shot this with the blue background to make it easy to eliminate, and what has happened in posting these here now, is I’m looking at the background and thinking that it isn’t actually a bad concept for the final images!  I will still need to edit out the original backgrounds, but I might find myself dropping in a (more) consistent background that is a rather similar colour to what is seen here.

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