Fish in a Barrel

It may be said to be an easy thing to do (although Mythbusters had something to say about that), but one thing you do need, is a barrel. Barrels do come in all shapes and sizes, and the one that I now have outside the shed is a perfect size for it’s new purpose – an outdoor “bar” / table.

Bar Barrel

I have used a couple of half barrels as pots for plants in the past, and after a few years the timbers had shrunk significantly, and I didn’t want that to happen to this barrel.  Even though I didn’t wait too long (a week or two (but I don’t know how long the barrel had remained empty before that)), it leaked all over the place when I filled it.  Even so, it hadn’t been too long, and within a day or so the timbers had swelled sufficiently to seal the barrel again  It was horizontal at that point, and when I put in the bung and tried to get it upright, it was significantly beyond me – massively heavy.  I don’t know what the volume of the barrel is (I know, I could make some measurements if I could be bothered), but in the end I had to drain a lot out and stand the barrel upright.  Now with a central bung, it would be impossible to fill the barrel again, so I finally decided that a hole in the top wouldn’t hurt.

I tapped that hole with my Carbatec thread cutter, and screwed in a length of threaded dowel I made.  I also drilled another small hole through the side from the top, so if (when) it rains and fills the top, it will have somewhere to drain.

The barrel manufacture is quite impressive – each piece is unglued, and yet they sit nicely together.  The walls and top are a lot thicker than I expected.

At some stage I might do something about dressing it up – perhaps giving it a treatment with oxalic acid (to remove the dead timber cells) and oil, but at this stage it can simply remain a functional, outdoor shed bar.

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