TWC Assembly Manual Commenced

I’ve been working over the past 2 days (particularly today) on an assembly manual for the Torque Workcentre that they have commissioned of me.  It will take a while to produce it, and an accompanying video (by the end of the month or so I imagine, but it is early days yet!), but a big part of the job was what I was working on today – product shots of each of the components, each being suspended off the ground (and some are not exactly light!), with a blue screen backdrop.  Each them imported into Photoshop CS4 where I then removed the background altogether (and some pixel-by-pixel editing was needed to achieve that).

Lastly, as much as a bit of a test of the day’s work, I’ve mocked up a couple of images in a kind of exploded view to see if all the work has paid off.  These are below, but please note that particularly at the moment while I am in the process of creating the manuals etc, these images are not for distribution – either web or hardcopy.  On the other hand, comments are certainly welcome – am I on the right track here.  These two images are a first mockup, and are only really going to be used in the final manual to demonstrate the various components that come with a TWC so you can visually ensure that you don’t have any components missing.

Mockup Component Diagram - not for distribution

Mockup Component Diagram - not for distribution

Don’t be surprised if there are any components missing from the above-two images – I haven’t actually gone through to ensure they are complete!

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