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  1. how much stu

  2. I’ve been trying to figure out which Mustang blade fits the HB10 cabinet saw: Have you got the actual number of the blade to order for that machine? And is $273 the price for the 10″ blade?
    Thanks for the video and review: both really helpful.

    • The blade for the HB10 (and any other 10″ saw, including mine), is LMSG254050030 Mustang D254, K2.8, B30/25.4, Z50

      The D254 is the mm, which is exactly 10″ (and blade which is 250mm is actually 4mm undersized). You can get either the Flai reducer, or an aftermarket one to reduce the arbor down to the size of your saw. I have a 5/8″ arbor on my saw, so have a reducer for this blade, as I have had to do for most of the other blades I have as well.

      The price I gave is from the Promac website, and is for the 10″ blade.

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