A Sense of Responsibility

I became a timber owner today.  And that carries both a sense of possibilities, but also responsibility.  A responsibility to utilise that timber in a way that best displays the incredible characteristics, and varieties of each and every piece.

What arrived (ahead of schedule which was good, meaning it turned up just before the Easter break), was a Torque Workcentre which I am using to create a comprehensive set of assembly instructions, and in a second container which was almost the same size, and felt like it weighed just as much, was a wide assortment of timbers from Lazy Larry Woodworks in Queensland.  Almost was surprised when I got home without blowing a tyre on the trailer!

As soon as I cracked open that container, a very familiar (and welcome) aroma wafted out – the unmistakable smell of Camphor Laurel.  And it certainly wasn’t just CL in the container.  Silver Ash, Maple and Walnut were just some of the 40 pieces of timber of all sorts of shape and size were inside.

Assortment of Timber from Lazy Larry

Although most seem to have some indication what they are, I think I’m going to need Larry’s help actually working out what all of it is!

So now I don’t have an excuse, and already feel a an urge to really do something with this timber. In the past, with the nicest pieces in the shed, they are (kinda) earmarked for future boxes, but that is both a lack of imagination on my part, and a function of the size of those pieces.  This collection is something else, and could become part of some piece of fine furniture, such as the Hall Table I made on the Ideal Tools course late last year.

Possibilities, possibilities (and responsibilities). Taking those 40 odd pieces of timber, and making the best use of them that I can.

Lee Valley Tools Woodworking Catalog(ue)

Have you checked out Lee Valley’s latest (online) catalog(ue)? Some serious temptations in there to empty one’s wallet a fair number of times over!

Click on the picture below to be taken to their online catalog page.

Roving Reporter’s Roving Report on a Triton Demonstration

Yup – you read correctly – there was an agricultural show on last weekend, and there was actually a Triton demonstration running over the weekend, presented by….. the roving reporter.  His report follows:

The roving reporter spent 4 days last week at Farm World, Lardner Park Warragul, working on the stand of Bairnsdale Electrics demonstrating TRITON.

4 very busy days answering the same questions, Is Triton back, who owns them, and of course the war stories.
Don’t get me wrong I had a great time and you know in the 4 days I spoke to only a couple of blokes that did not have any Triton.

The food,……Hot roast beef and gravy roll, the beef was cooked on a spit over a wood fire yummmmm,
Then the best hamburger I ever had, hand made pattie,beetroot,and salad on a very fresh roll,thanks LIONS.

Interesting displays , Lucas Mill, out back camping hire, $250k Range Rover, Parslow’s Furniture restorer
and friction polish( still have to try this one) Warragul wood workers stand, the standard here was very high.

All in all a very pleasant change of scenery and you know what, even blokes who had lost all in the fires have restocked with Triton.

The legendary TS10L

Despite information to the contrary, it appears that Carbatec Perth have received a shipment of the impressive TS10L tablesaw (the same one that graces my workshop).

No idea what this means about their availability, or what price they are, but if you are in the market for a great 10″ tablesaw, it’d be worth a phonecall or 2. One to your local Carbatec, and one to Perth. If anyone finds out more news about this, please post it here- price, number of machines available etc.

I am assuming/hoping that we are talking about the same machine here- the TS10L of old.

I am still a big fan of mine if you haven’t gathered. So Go Go Go!

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