Woodworking for Mainstream

While over in the US, I saw a number of adverts on TV (seems all there was on TV was adverts), and it was cool seeing some were targeting us – woodworkers / shed dwellers.

Turns out in the past, Carbatec in Australia have also had some advertising airtime (on pay-tv), and the Sydney branch let me have a copy to upload.

4 Responses

  1. Hey now! Sometimes we get as much as 5, 6 minutes of shows between adverts!

    Yeah, there are a lot of them, aren’t there. That’s why DVRs are a big thing here (not sure about there) as you can skip the commercials whilst viewing. Some folks even watch the shows on a 10 minute delay just so they can skip the commercials.

    • That’s what we normally do as well – unless there was a sudden surge in woodworking related advertising, there is nothing in that 30 – 40 minutes/hour of network time I’m interested in watching! Why I buy so many series on DVD – no adverts then!

  2. This Ad is not so old, just last year.. you will only have seen it if you have Foxtel or AusStar.
    I do believe it was shown on the ‘How To Channel” during The New Yankee Workshop.

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