New Tab – Free Woodworking Plans

Decided that the recently-made available plans have been rather popular, so have created a permanent page for them (and any others I come across / create) rather than having this selection lost over time as the post slips down and down the chronological list.  You will see a new tab at the top of the website titled “Plans”  (funny that).

5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the plans. I have been told that I need to build the garden bridge for the wife for school. Is there a page missing with steps 1-3? Probably not too hard to work out but would appreciate it if they are available.



    • Sure looks like it. I have the original manual, but won’t have access to a scanner for a couple of weeks. If anyone else can scan it between now and after Easter (2010), that’d be great.

      If anyone else notices problems with Triton’s files let me know – a complete, accurate set would be ideal of course!

  2. I will have a look mate

  3. Stu,
    Great work.
    Always on the lookout for new free plans, please keep this plan page growing.

  4. Thanks for making them available!

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