Carrolls Woodcraft Supplies

Had a bit of a roadtrip to make to Geelong and Clifton Springs, so it was a no-brainer to drop around the corner to Drysdale, and drop in on Jim and Irene at Carrolls Woodcraft Supplies.  I had my first look around the actual store a month or so ago, but because of other circumstances I literally got to spend about 60 seconds there to say hi as I rushed on by.  This time I made sure that I had a nice large window.

The reason I say their ‘actual’ store is I feel like I’ve seen it many times before, in many different locations.  When Jim & Irene hit a woodshow (and they hit a great number of them!) they seem to take their entire shop with them (see the photo at the end of the article of a photo I took at the Melbourne Wood Show last year).  Turns out that isn’t the case – their product range in-store is even larger.

Carroll's Woodcraft Supplies

Irene is lurking in the background – suddenly vanished out of the view when the camera made an appearance!  This view will actually be changing soon – Carrolls is having a bit of a makeover – an expansion which will result in a new entrance around the side of the store, complete with a dedicated driveway.  It is a bit off the road, so don’t be surprised having to find the store down a drive rather than on the roadside.  The storefront here is also quite misleading – it looks like it’d be a very small store, but what it lacks in width, it certainly makes up for in length.  Not quite a Tardis effect, but I guess that technology is still a little way off.

Counter, mags, and isles to explore.

Books, Kreg, and lots of bits n pieces

Project hardware (barometers, clocks, brass etc)

Finishes, in particular a good selection of Ubeaut, which coincidentally is made not that far from here (in Geelong)

Pen kits, blanks, CA, sanding disks


Tormek / Grinder / Sharpener Section – where my T7 came from (funny that).  To the left will be the new store entrance when the upgrades are finished, and to the right is the large shop expansion.

So that was a bit of a look around Carrolls.  Guess I could have gone into more detail, but I was too busy chatting with Jim and Irene (and Stephen)  Ah well, think you get the gist of the place!

Carrolls at the Wood Show

2 Responses

  1. wish they would do a reno to Berwick

  2. Thank Goodness for the WWW, seeing as I can’t get to their actual store, I’m one of their virtual customers!
    Thanks for the look around Stu!

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